Google removes Galaxy Nexus in Google Play Store

The giant search engine Google Inc. removed Galaxy Nexus in its Play Store Today in compliance with the US court order that bans Galaxy Nexus in the U.S. market. Apple Inc. previously sued Samsung that its Galaxy Nexus violates some of their patents, and is a blatant copy of its iPhone model.

Google promised to sell out Galaxy Nexus in an upgraded version, Android 4.1 A.k.a Jelly Bean, next week. In Google play store, Galaxy Nexus is labeled “coming soon” instead of “purchase” which they anticipate to hit the market next week. However, Google allows potential buyers to sign-up for notifications allowing them to get notified once the upgraded version became available.

Galaxy Nexus has been the first smartphone to get Android 4.0 A.k.a Ice Cream Sandwich and would be the second smartphone to use Jelly Bean OS. Unfortunately, the devise is just one of the immense casualties brought by the patent wars between Apple Inc. and Samsung Co., LTD. Samsung filed an appeal to the California District Court to temporarily halt the banning&lt of Galaxy Tab 10.1 but their request was ungranted.

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