Facebook influence, PIA Manager loses his job

A Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Manager Maynardo Valdez found himself dismissed after uploading pictures of his vacation in Boracay on Facebook.

Secretary Herminio Coloma of the Presidential Communications and Operations Office confirmed PIA director general Jose Fabia’s decision to dismiss Valdez for dishonesty and gross neglect.

According to Fabia on Wednesday, Valdez closed his office for four consecutive days of last year without permission to the board. It became worst when he was not reachable during his 4-day absence. Only to find out, Fabia said that officials attempted to contact Valdez via Facebook but ended up seeing pictures of Valdez in Boracay having a reunion. Valdez titled the album “Mabuhay! NEHS (Nueva Ecija High School) ’75 Pasyal sa Boracay July 18-21, 2011” without realizing that he might get caught by his superiors.

Fabia noted that the incident would probably the first to happen in the Philippines that government official’s behaviors were tracked down via Facebook.

“This incident is a reminder to all government employees and officials that they are responsible for their actuations and activities while in the service of the community,” PIA regional director for Cagayan Valley Purita Licas said.


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