Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet

Nook Tablet is a tablet computer manufactured by barnes & Noble. It has a 7 inches display with Wi-FI, a 16GB storage capacity and an external slot for SD Card. Nook Tablet is designed for Barnes & Noble readers and for others who love reading e-books and surfing the net.The tablet also features entertainment like:
-Movies, TV shows & music from Netflix, Hulu Plus™, Pandora® & more
-Lightning fast web-browsing, email & smooth streaming video
-Over 2.5 million books, magazines, comics & kids’ books
-Thousands of must-have apps like Angry Birds & Words With Friends
-World’s most advanced VividView™ 7″ Touchscreen
-Extra-long battery life — 11.5 hrs of reading or 9 hrs of video
-512MB RAM
-Expandable memory- add up to 32 GB w/ microSD™ card
-Always free in-store support

Nook Book is available in the market for $199.

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