Windows 8 at $39.99

The U.S. Based software maker Microsoft has announced the availability of Windows 8 pro this week, and most Windows users, according to Microsoft, will be able to upgrade for it for only $39.99.

Microsoft said, users with Windows XP or Vista or even 7 can avail for Windows 8 Pro upgrade once it strikes the market. However, on a blog posted by Microsoft, the upgrade costing $39.99 is exclusive only to 131 selected markets. The company doesn’t leave any date of the Windows 8 Pro upgrade’s official release.

According to the blog, the upgrade first check the operating system of the user for compatibility issues. Once passed, there’s nothing to worry because the upgrade will include all your personal settings and data from the prior operating system throughout the installation.

Availing the upgrade on local stores, the package DVD version of Windows 8 Pro, will cost $69.99. “This upgrade promotion for Windows 8 Pro both online and at retail runs through January 31st, 2013.” Microsoft wrote on the blog.

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