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DailyTech Times provides the latest issues and times in technology mainly focusing on smartphones, computer, hardware, software, social media, web, and smartphone/computer manufacturers. At this young age, DailyTech Times does not possess yet enough number of writers to deliver immense amount of news articles every day. However, our main goal is to satisfy followers with the latest, accurate, and well-sourced news articles. We believe that we all have the rights to know what is behind Technology, specially Google, Apple, Samsung and other related Technology companies today.


Gill Sugapong (Google+ profile)
A BS Biology Student who spend his time skimming and searching the search engine for current affairs in Technology. He has been a freelance writer for 8 months and decided to invest technological site to focus on the field he loved most. He has been to Engineering school for 3 years and shifted to BS Biology as he realized that Engineering course was not for him. He spends his time enjoying life to the fullest and hanging out with Krizhiel most of his free time.


Krizhiel Gutierrez (Google+ profile)
A BS HRM student who loves reading on the latest trends in Technology and writing news as her passion. She also love skimming and searching the search engine to make sure she’s updated. She loves watching loves story movies, comedy, suspense and horror. Well, not to forget, she loves shopping (just what other girls do!). She loves smartphones and she can’t live without it. When on vacant time, she hang-outs with Gill and enjoy the goodness of life.